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Yeah. its TRUE! so WUTEVER


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What Happen’d?

What happend? Im the Only one Posting Stories Now Even Aber Doesn’t post Anymore……

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Short story

“shes MINE!” Screamed Mitch. ” NO Shes MINE!!!!!!” yelled boomer. they Ripped Foxtails Arms Off And foxtails Died.

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Fianle Of ” War”

Chapter 6

After i threw that Gernade I went in The house to See any Survivors. When came up Behind with i Knife. i Dodged it. He cut my Cheek.I Pulled my Pistol Out and Shot him.I Went up to meet with axevolution and Bfan. “Take point Bfan” . He went over And I Rfw Soldier Stabbed i Sword throw is Stomach……He took The RFW Soldiers Gun and Shoot the Dude. He Fell. MEDIC! “whats wRong Asked a girl”. you a Medic? “yeah”. well He has A Sword throw is Stomach. “Bfan Stay with us!” He Took his last Breath and Said. ” tell..Tell Ganger..To go to Hell” He Died. I sa a Tear come Down from axe’s Face I Made bfans Eyes closed We left. “Sheila Well Need your help to Get to Gangers Fortress. “Ok” She Said. The Scar On My Face was Bleeding. Its been A Year since i Seen my parents the goverment Explained Everything. The Goverment said We were kidnapped And there Trying to Find Us. i hope i Stay alive

Chapter 7

Gangers base Had moved into a Helicopter we Were Supposed to Chase it. we were on a jeep to Get the helicopter I was on a Mission With Packer nfl ‘ Foxtails And Divotoo. i Reloaded my Bazooka. We Followed it I Shot the Bazooka. Missed. I saw the FaceS of Scared People to See kids with a Bazooka. I Used my M1 To shoot some RFW Helicopters but Where was The right one? i shot more RFW helicopters Then we Shot Some RFW Trucks” Watch out for the Bridge!!!!!!’ Screamed Foxtails. we Crashed. packer helped Me Up.”CMON!” I ran up. It Was the largest Group Of RFW i Ever Seen. But Then i saw Gangers Helicopter. It shot Missles i Tried to Dodge them But Then it Went black. Packer Grabbed my arm to Try and Pull Me to cover He got shot in The Back And Was Crippled he couldnt move. Then i Saw Ganger Pringle and A Soldier.They shot Foxtails In the Face. Then I looked at divotoo. Pringle and Ganger Turned Around to shoot the Reinforcements For Us.I Looked At div again He Passed Me The pistol. I shot ganger and Pringle in the Head. I Was Tired.Uma and golds Came To reinforce Us. I Saw Shabooobmboom and his squad of golds ” Your gonna be alright!” ThE helicopter Pulled me Up. Then i woke up.” Oh it was just a Dream” then i Saw a Scar On my Face.It wasnt a Dream.

I finished my Story! I hope you like it

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Story’s Idk what to name ( Maybe war journal or War sucks…..)

Chapter 4

I Looked Back in The Bus and I Found all my Friend’s Were Safe. Man i’m Lucky to be Alive! And also I feel Like My Grandfather 😀 .I Saw i cut On a girls face. I Sorta Stared At it. ” Beat it Kid” Yep That was Foxtails. She always usually Called Me kid. I got a Text message From My parents. I red It. WTH Are you?” I didnt Text back Im gonna Be in ALOT Of Trouble.

Chapter 5

I Was on Mission With Gamma squad And alpha Squad. I Called Gamma Baker company and I called Alpha Dog company. We Were Supposed To Jump Out  a Plane! The  Red Light was about to Turn Green. ” 10 Ok!” “9 Ok!”  After Every said There Number i said mine “1 Ok!” I Jumped The plane i Was supposed ito Jump Out got Desrtoyed and Only Half of My Squad Made Gamma Bridge Got Destroyed Only with divotoo left.  i landed In a Feild. i got up  I reloaded my Thompson And Shoot some RFW Troops. I Threw A Gernade. Boom Went The Farmouse

Sorry i would LVE to Write more but i didn’t Have The time Anyways Enjoy!

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Aber and Me Are the Only ones Posting!  Whats going on. Im the only one posting Besides aber !  WTH!!!

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Sneak peek ( Im being sneaky so Dont Tell The Story Monitors 8O )

Sneak Peek: As i went In the Bus i Saw Packer and divotoo also Meat. Noticing my Gun wound was hurting like HELL…….

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